Inspired Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement. You may think of Feng Shui as a practice based on a set of rules. In contrast, “Inspired Feng Shui” taps into these ancient principals to focus on specific, individual needs. With the inspired method, we experience clearing, balancing and aligning of energy. Changes are made in the spaces where we spend time; whether it is the office, at home or in a vehicle. After the adjustments, we experience balanced energy (Chi) in our environment and feel supported in our health, well-being and aspirations.

Inspired Feng Shui is much more than rearranging furniture and clearing clutter. Subtle individualized shifts in our environment attract significant improvement in our lives. The benefits are wide-ranging. We have increased prosperity and blessings, improved sleep, enhanced energy levels, discover the perfect career or perfect relationship and experience an overall sense of peace, harmony and balance.

Try this easy method to determine if you might benefit from a Feng Shui consultation. Simply take a moment and ask this question, “How is my life right now?” If your rating is less than a 10 in all aspects and facets of your life, you can benefit from Inspired Feng Shui.

During an Inspired Feng Shui consultation, we look at the places where you spend the most time. We remove and clear blockages to align, attune, direct and optimize Chi (energy).

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