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How Dr. Lisa Became Glastonbury’s Feng Shui Consultant

Dr Lisa - Glastonbury's Feng Shui Consultant

In January 2001, a dear friend (who just happened to be a Feng Shui consultant) introduced Dr. Lisa to the concepts of clearing, balancing and aligning the energies in one’s home and office spaces to optimize and support one’s health, well-being, and aspirations.

Dr. Lisa was amazed by how simple changes positively shifted the look and feel of her environment. She noticed tangible improvements occurring both personally and professionally as a result of these adjustments to her home and office. These experiences sparked Dr. Lisa’s desire to learn more about this “5,000-year-old art”, and led her to extensively research and study the topic.

She used her knowledge of Feng Shui to successfully help herself, family and friends for over a decade. In 2011, her year was invested in getting her professional Feng Shui certification through The Academy of Exquisite Living, a program accredited by The International Feng Shui Guild. After certification, she continued her studies through a post-graduate mentorship program with internationally known Feng Shui expert and best-selling author Karen Rauch Carter.

She now helps people transform their homes, offices, and lives through feng shui consulting in Hartford County, and online.

Current Practice

Dr Lisa - Glastonbury's Feng Shui Consultant

The feng shui consultations and services offered by Dr. Lisa originate from her passionate desire to help you have the life, relationships and health of your dreams. She is inspired to make the most of every day, and to help others to do the same. That is why she created a business where she gets to spend her time supporting others in achieving their goals for optimum health, greater wealth and happiness.

Dr. Lisa gives one-on-one consultations that are specific to your needs. She works in-person with those in her region (Hartford County) and online with clients farther afield.

Feng Shui is often very literal, and she helps you discover just how much your personal space (the places where you spend the most time) impacts you, and how you can affect it. Often the focus is on your home and office, but here’s to looking at ALL of your spaces through Feng Shui eyes!

It is ALL Systems Analysis

Dr. Lisa spent her early professional years in the corporate world analyzing and improving information systems, and she continues to use the same inspired skills in helping people live more fully. From those early years, where she honed her innate ability to solve problems by listening and intuitively knowing how to help – until today’s Feng Shui consulting practice – there is a golden thread of helpfulness and care. The skills are fundamentally related:

  • Computer systems analysis for corporate clients
  • Analyzing and adjusting spines as a Light Touch Chiropractor
  • Analyzing and adjusting nutrition and lifestyle choices to create optimum health and vitality
  • Analyzing and adjusting personal space systems to create environments that support the dreams and goals of the occupants – Feng Shui

From computers – to spines – to spaces…systems can be adjusted to maximize benefit to the user. In fact, Dr. Lisa considers the nutrition and healthy lifestyle services that she offers to be the practice of “Body Feng Shui”. We reside in our bodies 24/7 and  our nutrition and lifestyle choices can negatively impact our energy and vitality. The good news is that it can all be adjusted and open you to an extraordinary, vibrant life.

Feng Shui is not intended to be a one-time event, but rather a valuable tool to be relied upon whenever life and circumstances are not to your liking. You will come to recognize when energy seems stuck and life is not flowing well, or when subtle shifts are needed in your environment to attract opportunities and restore flow.

Let Dr. Lisa share what is possible for you…
Health. Wealth. Happiness.

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Credentials and Education

Feng Shui Certification – BTB Feng Shui, aka:  Western Feng Shui

Chiropractic Practice

Nutrition Consultation

Business Analysis and Research

  • Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
    BBA, Business Analysis and Research
    Concentration in Management Information Systems
    Minor in Spanish