Feng Shui Services

  • Initial Consultation
  • Maintenance
  • Second Opinion
  • Real Estate Feng Shui
  • Space Clearing

Initial Consultation

Dr. Lisa has developed a program for giving you the ultimate, one-on-one Feng Shui experience. This consultation package can be for your home or office, and can be done online or on location in Hartford County.

  • Initial Evaluation (phone or Skype). During this conversation you will talk about your life, what is currently happening and what you like and dislike about your spaces. Dr. Lisa will gather information and learn what you would like to achieve through your Feng Shui house or business experience.
  • On-site consultations (in Hartford County) take place at your house or office. Dr. Lisa will listen to you and assess your space as you walk through, and will make recommendations and suggestions based on your ongoing conversation.
  • You are encouraged to take notes or record this session because the most useful pointers are inspired through your interaction. At the end of this visit, you will review and prioritize the resulting list of action items.
  • If you’re not based in Hartford County, virtual consultations take place on the phone or Skype. Photos, video, floor plans and other tools will be used to “walk through” your house or office in a similar way to being on-site.
  • After the consultation, you are welcome to ask questions through email while the Feng Shui experience is fresh in your mind. If applicable, you will receive a list of additional resources that can help with transforming your home or office.
  • A follow-up meeting will take place (phone or Skype) 4 weeks after the initial consultation to discuss the before/after experience. Dr. Lisa may offer additional adjustments, if needed.

Feng Shui Maintenance

Feng shui consultant in Hartford County
Because the only constant in the universe is change, Feng Shui is not intended to be a one-time event. After you have had some Feng Shui successes, you will come to recognize when additional shifts are required in your house or office to sustain the flow of health, wealth and happiness! Maintenance consultations are designed for Dr. Lisa’s existing Feng Shui clients and provide targeted solutions for your current concerns. They are available online or (if you are based in Hartford County) in-person.

Feng Shui Second Opinion

Feng shui consultant in Hartford County
If you previously had a Feng Shui consultation with another practitioner and did not see the results you wanted, let’s take another look! Feng Shui is meant to be practical and results-oriented. You will have a phone conversation and then walk through your spaces with Dr. Lisa finding new ways to adjust your house or office to better support you.

Real Estate Feng Shui

Feng shui consultant in Hartford County

Help with a move is often how people discover the benefits of Feng Shui.

  • Selling: A Feng Shui consultation, and the adjustments made from the evaluation, will help your home sell much faster. You will walk through your space with Dr. Lisa to create a list of staging actions to attract the perfect buyer. Many real estate agents use Feng Shui as a part of their selling strategy.
  • Buying: Choose the perfect home for you. Make the entire buying process go your way. Feng Shui principles guide you to the home that will support your intentions and bring balance to your life. Start your new life in a new space right.

Space Clearing

Feng shui consultant in Hartford County
Transitions and new beginnings are the ideal time to clear the energy of your house or office. Space clearing provides your environment an “energetic clean slate” that opens the door for the best opportunities and possibilities to occur. Dr. Lisa can clear the energy of your spaces anytime; especially during times of transition such as new business ventures, births, engagements, weddings, groundbreakings and many others.